Move freely and stay dry in every season and every activity !!

Super Water Repellent

Using our proprietary Repeloff (Super Nano DWR) the fabric remains water and stain repellent and quick dry. Maintains 100 spray rating on polyester after 50 washes

Highly Breathable

Nano microcell coating creates micro porous holes to allow heat and moisture to escape. Also air permeability measures around 1 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) depending on the base fabric


Nano microcell pores allow moisture to escape but block wind form passing through.

Light and Packable

Nano microcell technology gives minimal volume over typical coating. Also it has a higher bending resistance which helps to resist wrinkles

Pass Rainwear Duty

All fabrics meet US Customs standard for water resistant fabrics as tested by AATCC35.


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  • BrsitexProduct by BRISTEX Waterproof, Windproof and Breathable Fabric “BRISTEX” Keeps Your Skin Drier and more Comfortable,
    We have engineered BRISTEX to be the newest fabric in the world.
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BRISTEX Introduction
BRISTEX Co.,Ltd was founded in 2000 with headquarters in Seoul, Korea. BRISTEX Co.,Ltd management has more than 20 years of industry experience in textile and chemical engineering. BRISTEX Co.,Ltd strives to stay ahead of the development cycle through their in house research and development team. More »
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Sealon Product Line
SEALON protective films allow high abrasion resistance
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